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Bismillah, meaning 'In the Name of God' in Arabic, is an expression frequently used by Muslims. Often you'll find a person declaring it before the commencement of a task or at the start of written documents, such as personal letters and books. To state 'Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim' (In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful) is to say, in effect, 'I begin with Almighty Allah in mind'. At its core, it is remembrance of one's Creator - in Arabic, dhikr Allah - which is itself considered worship. The Nasheed in this song seek to praise the Almighty, first and foremost, trying to inspire children to reflect upon the majesty of their Creator - that all that surrounds us, including ourselves, is the direct result of God's creation; indeed nothing happens in our world without His express knowledge and say-so. The song urge us to remember Allah more frequently; to be grateful for all His Blessings; to seek His Guidance and Forgiveness. In other words, worship Him.

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Bismillah lyrics
(Teacher): Now children, who knows what we should say before we start some new job or begin eating or go on a journey? Can anyone tell me?

(Children): Teacher! Teacher! Me! Me.... Bismillah!

(Teacher): Very good. Now what does it mean? Bismillah.

(Children): In the name of Allah!

I am a Muslim, the things I say
In everything I do everyday
We are Muslims, the things we say
In everything we do everyday

Oooh, Bismillah,
Oooh, Alhamdullillah (x2)

I am a Muslim and this I know
I need to eat so that I will grow
We are Muslims and this we know
We need to eat so that we will grow

When we eat we say Bismillah
When we’re full, we say Alhamdullillah (x2)

Water, juice and milk, these I think
Are so delicious for me to drink
Water, juice and milk, these we think
Are so delicious for us to drink

When we drink we say, Bismillah
When we’re done we say Alhamdullillah (x2)

Going out with my mum and dad
Coming home, oh what fun we had
Going out with our mum and dad
Coming home, oh what fun we had

Driving in the car, Bismillah
Coming safely home, Alhamdullillah (x2)

I go to sleep saying Allah’s name
And in the morning I do the same
We go to sleep saying Allah’s name
And in the morning we do the same

When we sleep we say Bismillah
When we rise we say Alhamdullillah (x2)

Repeat first verse

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